Anima Escola brings the language of animation to schools.

Created by the staff of the Anima Mundi, International Animation Festival of Brazil, the project offers classes and workshops to students and teachers, so that they may produce their own animation films in class.

In an entertaining way, the methodology created for the production of animated films fosters the development of several skills and proficiencies that are fundamental to the development of children and young people: Creativity, planning, synthesis, abstraction, concentration and communication.

We, the staff of Anima Escola, believe that the language of animation must be present in schools, as a source of knowledge, and not only as an educational tool, offering new means of expression and understanding to teachers and students, helping them to live in contemporary society, where audiovisual language is so present.

The International Animation Festival of Brazil – Anima Mundi – created by four Brazilian animators, is held every July since 1993 in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and has become the second largest animation festival in the world.

Since its first edition, one of its biggest attractions is the Open Studio, where the audience, when not watching the films, can produce animation scenes using several different techniques and watch the results instantaneously.

The interest that these workshops arouse in teachers and students of public and private schools motivated the Anima Mundi staff to elaborate activities and teaching methods especially designed for schools. This was the dawn of the Anima Escola!

  • Introduce the language of animation in schools, allowing teachers and students to experience the production of animated films in a critical and creative manner.

  • Subsidize the creation of new educational practices, contributing to a quality education.

  • Enable new modes of knowledge production.

  • Propagate the art of animation, discovering and stimulating new talents.

  • Offer the appropriate technical tools for the creation of animation films to students and teachers, in an autonomous manner.

  • Generate exclusive educational material – animation films available for use in classrooms.

In this environment, Anima Escola wishes to stimulate a reflection about the language of animation and the contact between teachers and students who produce animation in their schools. The website is collaborative and believes in sharing the information that is posted by its users. If you are a teacher or a student who produces animation, participate!


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